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Hoover Discs x 10


Our hoover discs are scented with your favourite fragrance, filling your hoover with the scent and eliminating any bad odours.


Our hoover discs last on average 2 -4 weeks per disc.


To use; insert 1 or 2 vacuum discs into your empty vacuum bag or empty vacuum cylinder/dust collection zone and start vacuuming, the scent will travel through your vacuum filters and freshen the whole vacuum.


Please note: 


For Henry hoover vacuums, place Scented hoover disc above the air filter element (not the hoover bag) for best results.


For shark hoover vacuums, place scented hoover disc above the air filter element for best results.


The colour of the hoover disc may change from time to time, this does not affect the scent or quality of the product.


*Random Discs colours will be chosen based on supply to the customer*

Fresh Unstoppables Fragrance Hoover Discs

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£2.00Sale Price

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